First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

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Mental to mentor?

im only so far through my course with subjects and experience everywhere, I’m looking to push my knowledge further and grow the business better… but no beginnings must be inspired

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One year later

its been one year. i left a business that was toxic, threw down the medication that was driving me insane. where am I a year later?   Currently: I’m running a successful business, working up in Sydney with another company studying a diploma, a bachelor and building robots. I now know 18 coding languages, have […]

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The devil I befriended

bloody hell. hes done it. So “Fred” has gone and done it, he’s pushed the final buttons, police and a lawyer have been contacted what a fucking start to my 2018… i wake up in the new year couch surfing i wake up realising I need to call police I then spend the 3rd awake […]

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Friend or Foe

Im moving again. why? because of a nearly exact same situation again, I’ve got to run, move fast. He goes through my room, my stuff, makes sure there is no sign of me living here, he took the fan so it’s pretty fucking hot in my room. i don’t cry. I don’t shed a tear. […]

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Out of time?

oh boy. The news it was rough… neurologists…doctors…psychs… my disorder was linked into something deeper with my disorder, I didn’t see this one coming… on my fathers side of the family we all have migraine problems, really bad migraine problems. Then the news grew deeper when my problems started to give me absent personality disorder […]

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